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Join the I LOVE GOLF movement!  I GOLF

Help us become the go-to team for golf, where all kids have easy access to have fun,  make friends, learn life skills, and a love of the game.

We see kids every day, every single day, who struggle with the life skills used (and expected) on a golf course.

Kids do not naturally take off their hat, shake your hand and look you in the eye. Kids do not naturally persevere when the elusive little white ball does not go where they think it should go. Kids do not naturally think about their goals in terms of “what skills they need to develop”, rather they think of the prize at the end. ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE TAUGHT TO THEM. Parents, teachers and the rest of the “village” help kids develop these skills and grow up as productive, successful people in society.

What about ALL of the kids? Do ALL kids have access to learning these skills?

All kids have the potential to have fun,  make friends, learn life skills, and a love of the game BUT DO THEY HAVE ACCESS?

The game of golf uses all of these skills, so naturally. Expectations are set, rules are followed, respect is given and received because it is GOLF. This is a perfect game to teach our kids. This is a perfect game to practice these skills. This is a perfect game to play for their whole life!

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