Equipment Donations

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We have had so many amazing donations over the course of 2017! We appreciate all of you who have donated, continue to donate, and are thinking of donating!

A lot of our participants reap the benefits of your donation. On behalf of all of them, we thank you!

 As a reminder, and as we close out the end of the year, we ask that your donations be no more than 5-10 years old in technology. That means, metal look heads and graphite or steel shafts, please nothing wooden. As technology continues to change, clubs continue to get lighter and lighter. A lot of our participants are not strong enough to swing golf clubs that are 10+ years old.  

In addition, we do not accept shoes that have been worn or golf bags that are 10+ years old.

 It is our goal to give them the tools to succeed and we could not do that without your support.

 If, however, you have clubs 10+ years old, shoes, or 10+ year old golf bags there are many faith based organizations or resale shops that would be willing to take any donation you may have!

Thank you for your cooperation!

The First Tee Program Staff

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